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Webmaster of this site is the third class to the Web into this job and a hobby for over 10 years of practice and as a designer. css and html design prefer more sensual. Very often use black and white and gray. It is also liking the color image is also the webmaster of this site. Site design, too, but what a cool design stylish and love. And I'm a very fickle. This site may disappear suddenly disappear for various reasons, there is no need to worry about.

This site is current as of March 2011, HTML5 + CSS3 we are creating the base. JQuery has some uses where a non-compliant browsers will not be displayed. please get the latest version in your browser. The recommended OS Windows Vista / 7, Mac OSX Tiger or higher. Recommended browsers, Internet Explorer8 over, Firefox3.6 over, Safari4 over, Opera9 over, Chrome9 more. iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad is designed to display just about getting out, please visit iOS preferably the latest version. Appear in the Android OS is unconfirmed.

To introduce a very very easy for an administrator of this site.

Production design achievements in the past.

Blogs are updated from time to time.

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